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Trip-To-Beautiful-Tea-Plantation-And-Water Fall

Trip-To-Beautiful-Tea-Plantation-And-Water Fall
Last week for the first time we tried to visit the village of Naringgul, the southern border area of Bandung and Cianjur, West Java. through the route: Bandung – Nanjung – Ciwidey – via Rancabali – Lake Patengan towards Naringgul, with the a distance of approximately 70 Km.
the southern of Bandung, it does have a charm of amazing view. Nature is still beautiful, and not much visited, make our eyes amazed to see it. The lush forests, lakes, crystal clear rivers, scenic waterfalls, make us all amazed. Naringgul area indeed Lovely. Centrally located, in the village of Sukabakti, and Balegede village, District Naringgul, Cianjur, bordered by the southern Bandung.

For those who love and really enjoy the natural scenery, nothing wrong if you visiting this area Naringgul Region, in the South Cianjur. Landscape in this region is amazing. We will be treated to a wonderful view of several waterfalls that flow in fracture rock cliffs along this path. In addition, the journey to this Naringgul, we will find the typical scenery of the mountains, tea plantations, winding river stream, as well as terraced rice field .And of course, the charm of 1000 waterfall is the main attraction.
http://www.aseppetir1.com/2015/05/trip-to-beautiful-tea-plantation-and-waterfall.htmlThe journey to this Naringgul, past Lake patengan, from here we will be treated to a view of nature, a very beautiful tea plantations. Winding road, the green tea plants, which is refreshing, farmers who use the tea plantations typical hat. Sometimes we passed with the truck carrying tea leaves to be processed. What a thrill.
During the trip from Patengan, we will pass, hot spring, crater Rengganis, complex Cibuni tea plantations, mountain peaks, where we can see the beauty of Cibuni, along the roof of the houses are blue. And not less thrill is, winding road, which was known by the name of one thousand climbs (thousand incline). which has many bends, and a fairly steep incline, other than narrow path, we must be careful in passing this incline.
Upon entering, climb a thousand, we will enter the forest Rasamala. The location of the gateway to this forest, is located right on the border districts of Bandung and Cianjur districts. During a trip in the forest, we will pass a bridge, where we could see the cliffs above which is right on this bridge, we will see two waterfalls flowing, along the black rock cliffs. pretty.
After passing through the forest, the trip continues to decline, and we come to the village Balegede. Here is the location where we saw some beautiful waterfalls. The right place to see the waterfall is, in the corner where there is a tavern, which is right around the corner facing directly into the waterfall.
The location that we can enjoy approximately 6 waterfalls flowing. White flash of the cliff is very refreshing eye. And one of the largest waterfalls called waterfall Cisabuk, or Waterfall Balegede. This waterfall has 2 levels, looks very exotic, and graceful. To reach the waterfall is very difficult. Because of this waterfall is located on the cliffs of the mountains, and are still very few people who can visit, but we were not disappointed because we found a waterfall precisely alongside a road that we passed and stopped to take pictures.
along the way to the village of Sukabakti, our eyes will continue to be spoiled by the sight of several waterfalls at this location. Right on the cliffs, there are six waterfalls, on the left there are 2 again. Gee, it’s like a trip to paradise. Due to the large waterfall in this region, then this Naringgul area, known by the 1000 charm of waterfall.
to see the video, please click this link …

Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise

Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise 

Begonia Garden Lembang Bandung its existence as the Flower City and Paris Van Java, again be evidenced by the presence of Tourist Attractions in Bandung that it is so phenomenal, Garden Flowers in Bandung with the full name of Parks Begonia Glory, is an area that was established with one goal is enrich Floriculture Indonesia, therefore invented a garden area of interest which is equipped with various kinds of garden flowers such as flower Celosia, Melampodium, Flowers Impatiens, Salvia flowers, flowers Geranium, and many other flower varieties.
Given the name of Begonia Garden because in Begonia Garden Lembang plateau is dominated by one of the leading commodity and the belle of this Garden namely Flower Balinea. Balinea itself is an extension of the Begonia flower that comes from one of the well-known Island with the world of tourism, Bali.
Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise the Earth of Parahyangan

Begonia Lembang Garden located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. designed as the cultivation of a variety of flowers, as well as nature tourism green, then variety of facilities was built here so that it can accommodate all aspects of comfort traveled, visitors or tourists in this place, like many areas the flower gardens which extend beautiful gardens planted by various vegetables, and one exclusive facilities in the region that is some cafe which has a menu of food that can not be missed. While eating and drinking you and other travelers are will be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air and a view of a beautiful flower garden.

What makes Balinea Flower very so famous and phenomenal for lovers and the audience anyway, Balinea is Begonia flowers of Bali, the display looks very beautiful shape and color, and beautiful. Flowers Begonia when compared to the type or variety of flower plants in general that we already know is, flower balinea it can grow well on the uplands and low, can grow bushy throughout the season, is highly resistant to extreme weather good rainy season or summer, and is believed to be very easy to maintain. This Balinea Plants can be planted in various contours of the land as well as a variety of placements such plants grown in the garden, yard, street residential, hotels, and city parks, with good media for pot, balcony, or on the ground directly.
Begonia Garden Lembang
Flower Paradise the Earth of Parahyangan

Not only that, as the integrated nature tourism in Lembang, in Begonia garden visitors / tourists are given a unique way of travel and fun, you are allowed to pluck fruits plants itself in a special area of existing plantations around the park this Begonia. Vegetables that have been picked in the garden had been able to direct you eat at a place, or also taken which were then cooked in place provided by the management of the park. Vegetables grown in the plantation area of Begonia garden Lembang These include chili, corn, eggplant purple, cherry tomatoes, white eggplant, cactus, broccoli, and other vegetables plants typical highland Lembang.

Outbound travel in Lembang Begonia garden
as an area of natural attractions integrated, the flower gardens, a tour in the Garden Begonia Lembang, travelers or tourists are not only treated to the beauty which the flowers and the natural beauty of the typical earth Parahyangan beautiful course, but there are also facilities other cool, who can be enjoyed by visitors who come here. an entertainment facility who is guaranteed to be able to relax the nerves as well as the burden of thinking, the facilities typical form of outbound activities with concepts Fun Begonia garden, Treasure Hunt. Outbound ala Begonia garden include, puzzle treasure, secret passage, pinata, and farm trekking.
Admission prices of Begonia garden Lembang
All facilities beauty of Begonia Lembang garden and outbound travel can be enjoyed by paying an entrance fee of Begonia Flower Garden IDR 10,000 / person. But especially for visitors who bring a professional camera with a high resolution DSLR, then there is an additional entrance fee IDR 50,000.
Flowers Price
Travelers if interested and want to bring home typical flowers Balinea can be purchased at prices ranging from IDR 20,000.
Opening hours of Begonia garden Lembang
This begonia flower garden is open every day from 8am to 5pm.
Begonia Lembang garden Address
Jalan Maribaya No. 120 A, Lembang – Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Phone: +62 22 2788-527 – HP: +62 812-220-0202 – E-mail: info@kebunbegonia.com
To access Begonia garden
Access to the Garden Begonia Lembang, could with four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles, there are two alternative paths who travelers can use to be able to garden Begonia Lembang. The first path is to use the Path Setiabudi, if through this route you will pass through the city lembang first and then go into the street Maribaya. The second route is through Dago, headed lawang wangi, if over this path you will pass through the city lembang because the line can be called an alternative pathway to Lembang. 
If you use public transportation, you can go down right in the market Lembang, ride rural transport, towards Cibodas. If you want to relax and want to enjoy the journey, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage / Delman in the market towards Begonia garden Lembang.
thus information Tourist Attractions in Bandung, a “Paradise Flowers of Earth Parahyangan” that you can make tourist destinations in the weekend or the holidays, please come in and enjoy the beauty, the charm of Begonia Lembang garden.

Maribaya Hot Spring & Water Fall – Travel Destinations.

Maribaya Hot Spring  & Water Fall – Travel Destinations.

Maribaya, waterfalls are often used as a resting place, chatting with family and enjoying the natural beauty. Only a few eastern Lembang and can be reached by car or if you like to be within walking distance. on Sunday the place would be crowded Because hot springs piped into a small pond to the public and to various private bathroom. For those of you who like horse riding or want to learn to drive this beast,there is a lot riding horses for rent at a cost of Approximately 
$ 3 / hour.
The routes that you can travel to Maribaya are as follows:
– L e m b a n g, Can use a private vehicle or public transportation, if on foot, takes 20 minutes.
– Tangkuban Perahu, Can be reached by a 40 minute walk.
– Ciumbuleuit, Can only be reached by foot or motorcycle (Motorcycle rental transportation) for 25 minutes travel time. 

– Dago, taken within 45 minutes travel time by foot.


Mountains-atmosphere-at-The Lodge-Maribaya-Cibodas-Lembang-Bandung

Mountains-atmosphere-at-The Lodge-Maribaya-Cibodas-Lembang-Bandung 

In the area of north Bandung there is a travel destinations The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park. The location of this mountain tourism Bandung, located at Cibodas Village, at an altitude of between 1,312 to 2,080 meters above sea level. Highest point on the summit of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. As the area is located in the mountains, the average temperature ranges between 17 ° -27 ° C. This area is also known as, one of the producers of vegetables. Lovely place with the green pine trees and visitors can breathe fresh air away from the pollution.

If you see this place thoroughly, much like the atmosphere of Tebing Keraton,


because just the other side of The Lodge is a mountain cliff palace where it is located, so it has a similar concept, namely the concept of nature with the background of the green expanse of pine forests. If you want to visit The Lodge, you can buy an entry ticket and you also have to comply with the general rules that exist. The regulations such as:

https://www.aseppetir1.com/2016/09/mountains-atmosphere-at-the-lodge-maribaya-cibodas-lembang-bandung.html1. Mandatory maintain cleanliness
2. Not allowed to bring food from outside
3. Not allowed to damage trees or plants
4. Not allowed to set off firecrackers or fireworks
5. Not allowed to to consume alcohol or drugs
The Lodge Cibodas Maribaya Lembang, Bandung, has a land area of 3 hectares in the foothills Maribaya surrounded by the natural pine forests and also downstream of the Cibodas. The character of the place is very cool and comfortable for your vacation. The scenery is beautiful and expansive recreation is a pity if you missed it.
For tourists who like the outdoors, this place is highly recommended to visit. Its location is very photogenic in Lembang district, and this great forest juanda make these places very pity to miss.
The location is near Maribaya, this place is pretty recommended for those of you who love taking photos, because the tickets are very cheap for the size of the natural attractions in Bandung. The Lodge there are many spots of contemporary photo and rely views of pine trees. Almost all spot leads to a pine forest.
This place has now become the most visited tourist destination as a refreshing, while photographing the beauty of the landscape of the mountains. You can take pictures in elevation with a view of green trees. Here, too, there is the flow of a river is typical of the mountains, clear naturally.
at The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park, there is a complete facility for those who want to try out tours here. There are some facilities provided by The Lodge Earthbound such as accommodation, outbound, leadership training, riding and other outdoor activities. While in the area at The Lodge Earthbound consisted of camping at the forest edge Cibodas lembang, restaurants, lodging and other play areas. Here are some of the most favorite facilities at The Lodge:
1. Horse Riding (riding in the area of The Lodge)
2. Rabbit Feeding (feeding rabbits)
3. Art activities (painting earthenware)
4. Cycling (cycling along rural nature Cibodas)
5. Kids Adventure Playground
6. Outbound fascilities: (Mini flying fox, water rafting, slides, climbing wall, swing, spider web, shooting target)
Admission to The Lodge Maribaya Lembang, Bandung
If you want to enjoy all the natural beauty provided by this place, you only need to pay the ticket fee of 15,000 rupiah / person. While tickets for photos, at home tree, you will only be charged 10,000 rupiah / person.
Route to The Lodge Lembang
The Lodge is located approximately 5 km from the attractions Waterfall Maribaya, Lembang. which offers plenty of natural charm that can not be missed.
To go to this place can take the path of Dago- Terminal Dago Giri – Maribaya, then to Cibodas. If from the road Setiabudhi (Ledeng) towards Lembang – Jln. Maribaya – waterfall Maribaya – Cibodas.
Address The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park
Jl. East Maribaya Km. 6 Kampung Kosambi, Cibodas Village, Lembang, West Bandung regency.
E-mail: info@thelodgemaribaya.com
Office: Dago Pakar Resort, Jl. Pakar Permai VII No. 61 Dago 40198 Bandung Jawa Barat
phone number for The Lodge reservations
– 022-2536110
– 0857-9436-9914
– 0856-2461-1118
– Working hours: 10:00 am – 17:00 pm
Tips Visit To Maribaya
– For those using a private car, to the location, we suggest not pass Dago, because the streets are narrow, many slopes, and ravines. We were advised to pass Punclut (Ciumbuleuit) is then out at market lembang, you do not need to rotate past the Floating Market / Hotel Grand Lembang, you can simply cut off the road to the right past the alley houses (in the car).
– Because the spacious place, make sure not to use high heels

A happy holidays – Idul Fitri

Grha Ciumbuleuit Guest House Wishing you all  : 

A happy holidays “Idul Fitri 1 Syawal  – 1439 H”. 

We hope that everything went smoothly. healthy, successful and prosperous.
We are looking forward for your visit here.iedul Fitri Card2 copy

Bagan – Kerja – Bagian – Photography – Di – Kapal Pesiar – Cruise Ship

Bagan – Kerja – Bagian – Photography – Di – Kapal Pesiar – Cruise Ship

Departemen Photo, pada kapal pesiar bisa terdiri dari 3 sampai 15 fotografer (tergantung pada ukuran kapal) dan menawarkan pekerjaan sebagai berikut: photo manager, assistant photo manager, photographer, junior photographer dan videographer . Berada di mana-mana di atas kapal ataupun didarat, para fotografer dan videografer selalu menghibur baik para penumpang dan awak sekaligus menciptakan kenangan instan untuk semua orang di sekitar mereka. Kebanyakan fotografer direkrut melalui perusahaan yang kredibilitasnya sudah terjamin. Beberapa jalur pelayaran menjalankan operasi departemen foto mereka sendiri. Secara umum pekerjaan anggota tim Photo Departemen diatas kapal pesiar bisa dibagi menjadi tiga kategori utama dari kegiatan – mengambil gambar foto (atau video untuk videographers), pemrosesan dan mencetak rekaman (bekerja di laboratorium) dan menjual foto, video dan barang-barang ritel terkait lainnya di Photo Gallery kapal pesiar.

1. Mengambil gambar. Sangatlah sulit untuk mengerjakan semua aktivitas dan kegiatan yang terjadi di sebuah kapal pesiar yang bisa ditangkap oleh fotografer atau videografer. Ada dua jenis kerja harian khas untuk seorang fotografer di sebuah kapal pesiar – hari pelabuhan (ketika kapal berada di pelabuhan) dan hari laut (ketika kapal berada dilautan). Pada hari pelabuhan fotografer kapal pesiar akan mengambil foto di gangway ketika penumpang meninggalkan atau memasuki kapal atau darat juga fotografer Mungkin harus ikut ber wisata untuk mengambil gambar dari penumpang dengan pemandangan bagus berlatar belakang – gletser, gunung berapi, landmark penting dll.

Ketika kapal berhenti di salah satu dari banyak “pulau pribadi”, fotografer akan mengambil foto pantai. Di hari laut, fotografer akan mengambil foto sepenuhnya pada kapal tersebut. Pada malam malam yang formil fotografer kapal akan memotret dengan durasi penuh, foto dengan Kapten dan mengambil gambar di sekitar meja dining room kapal. Berbagai foto akan mencakup potret profesional, fotografi candid atau sosial. Pada malam bertema khusus fotografer kapal pesiar akan memakai kostum yang berbeda dan berpose dengan para penumpang – seperti sebagai bajak laut di kapal pesiar Karibia, sebagai hewan di kapal pesiar ke Alaska dll. Aspek lain dari pekerjaan fotografer kapal pesiar adalah mengambil foto pernikahan. Jumlah acara pernikahan yang berlangsung di atas kapal kapal pesiar semakin meningkat dan ini adalah kesempatan untuk berlatih fotografi pernikahan dan mendapatkan penghasilan tambahan untuk para fotografer kapal.

2. Pengolahan dan pencetakan gambar berlangsung di laboratorium foto kapal pesiar. Tidak semua anggota fotografi kapal pesiar, yang memenuhi syarat untuk melakukan tugas ini. Ada pelatihan khusus, walaupun biasanya pada akhir kontrak pertama sebagian besar fotografer menjadi terbiasa dengan pemrosesan dan pencetakan foto. Begitu juga dengan videographers kapal pesiar mengedit dan mentransfer ke disk rekaman video mereka.

3. menjual foto, video dan item terkait. Kegiatan ini berlangsung di Galeri Foto dan Toko Photo Retail di kapal kapal pesiar. Fotografer mengambil peranan sebagai foto konsultan penjualan ritel, menjual foto, video, album, frame, folio, kamera dan aksesoris foto sehingga mendapatkan komisi individu pada semua penjualan. Toko Photo Retail dikapal kapal pesiar juga menawarkan pencetakan foto yang diambil oleh tamu dengan kamera pribadi mereka. Mengenai aspek kemampuan pekerjaan menjual adalah penting. Salesman yang lebih punya skil menjual yang bagus bisa mendapatkan komisi yang lebih banyak pada akhir cruise.

Beberapa Divisi di Departement Photography :

Sebagai kepala Departemen Photo, Photo Manajer mengawasi semua operasi tim fotografi, kapal kapal pesiar. Dia / dia bertanggung jawab untuk penjadwalan dan penugasan, setiap hari untuk semua fotografer, mencatat …
Asisten Photo Manager mengawasi operasi sehari-hari dari departemen foto di atas kapal pesiar seperti yang diarahkan oleh Photo Manager. Dia / dia bertanggung jawab atas galeri foto dan toko foto ritel mengatur, memastikan fotografer selalu siaga untuk …

Fotografer adalah anggota dari tim departemen foto di atas kapal pesiar. Dia / dia bertanggung jawab untuk memotret gambar dari tamu di berbagai lokasi dan mematikan kapal – di gang selama embarkasi ketika penumpang baru naik kapal atau pada hari-hari pelabuhan sebagai tamu meninggalkan dan kembali ke kapal, di kolam renang kapal , pada malam resmi mengambil gambar potret dan …

Junior Photographer adalah posisi tingkat pemula di tim departemen foto di atas kapal pesiar dan bekerja di bawah pengawasan langsung dari fotografer senior, Asisten Photo Manager dan Photo Manager. Masih dalam training dan pengembangan yang …

videographer di atas kapal pesiar bertanggung jawab untuk mengambil rekaman video penumpang dan peristiwa yang terjadi di kapal pesiar atau didarat dengan tujuan menjual video pada akhir pelayaran . videografer akan menemani para penumpang

silahkan klik disini untuk membaca terus,…..

Untuk melihat Photo-Photo berbagai macam Kapal Pesiar, silahkan klik Link ini: https://www.pinterest.com/aseppetir1/all-about-cruiseships/



Bandros Bus is a double-decker bus in the city of Bandung, which is provided by the government of Bandung for tourists who want to get around the city of Bandung. inaugurated by the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil coincide with New Year’s Eve, 2014.

The tour bus is serving the tourists in the city, Bandros also a form of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company in cooperation with city government. The tour bus has a capacity of approximately 30 people is maximized on the second floor, while the first floor there are only 6 stools, benches, and there is a balcony outside which can be used for stand tourists.

In addition to delivering tourists to the tourist attractions in Bandung, bus tours


are designed with a comfortable and attractive, is expected to reduce private car use so that it can reduce traffic congestion that occurred in the city of Bandung. Previously, to naming names its own bus, city government also held an open contest to name the tour bus through social network Twitter. The competition was won by Erry Pamungkas, who gave the name of this tour bus with bandros name, abbreviation of Bandung Tour on The Bus.

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– Executive Chef bertanggung jawab atas semua staf dapur, perencanaan makanan, kontrol kualitas, mengarahkan semua kegiatan kuliner yang terkait diseluruh kapal baik secara langsung atau melalui manager bawahan dan para Supervisor.
– Laporan langsung kepada Manager Makanan Minuman dan Manager Hotel, dalam waktu yang sama mendukung dan memantau kinerja posisi tingkat managemen bawahan di dalam Departemen Galley, seperti Chef de Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Pantry Chef, Kepala Bakery, Chef De Partie dan Demi Chef De Partie
http://tips-kerja-di-kapalpesiar.blogspot.com/2015/04/jobdescription-executive-chef-kepalakoki.html– Mengajari, mengembangkan dan memberikan pelatihan untuk posisi-posisi bawahan dalam rangka untuk mengembangkan keterampilan profesional mereka dan mempersiapkan mereka untuk kemajuan masa depannya sehingga bisa dipromosikan ke posisi selanjutnya.
– Executive Chef memastikan bahwa semua staf Galley dilatih dan paham dengan semua peraturan USPH atau UKPH tentang sanitasi dan kebersihan disemua stasiun kerja dapur sesuai dengan standar yang diharapkan oleh Perusahaan.

Travel-To-Luwak-Coffee-Production-Cikole-Bandung-West Java-Indonesia

Luwak-Coffee-Cikole-Bandung-West Java-Indonesia
At a Glance Kopi Luwak Cikole

Travel-To-Luwak-Coffee-Production-Cikole-Bandung-West Java-IndonesiaThis place is a breeding center of mongoose (Luwak), Luwak coffee production as well as home-themed Education, located on the slopes of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, precisely on Nyalindung street No. 19, the ward Babakan, Cikole village, Lembang, Bandung. Luwak is maintained at this point follow the principles and rules of animal welfare, which aspects of health and nutritional needs and nutrition, of mongoose are concerned. Dozens Luwak results of breeding by They team, produce Luwak coffee called Kopi Luwak Cikole.In this place also provided a cafe for visitors who will be tasting a cup of Luwak coffee. However, this point applies an unwritten rule that visitors are prohibited from drinking Luwak coffee before knowing how and production processes. Every visitor who comes will get a clear explanation from the teams ‘educator’ on how the production of Kopi Luwak Cikole, and taken to see the activities of the production process directly. Before enjoying the Luwak coffee products, coffee lovers candidate who came pampered in a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable to interact, play and take pictures along with

the mongoose in this location.
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About Grha Ciumbuleuit

Welcome To Grha Ciumbuleuit Guest House

Located on North Bandung Hill, Grha Ciumbuleuit Guest House is a modern, minimalist Guest House which houses a gym and an outdoor pool. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi and parking.

Grha Ciumbuleuit is a 5-minute drive from Cihampelas Counter Fashion and a 10-minute ride from Paris Van Java Shopping Centre. Husein Sastra Negara International Airport is a 20-minute taxi ride away.

The modern rooms feature air-conditioning, a flat-screen cable/satellite TV and a desk. Private bathrooms come with hot and cold shower facilities.

Guests can enjoy relax at the Pool, Lobby or Restaurant. Ironing and dry cleaning services are available.

A selection of local, Chinese and Western cuisine is served in the hotel’s restaurant. Drinks including coffee and juices are offered.

  • Check-in: 02:00 P.M.; Check-out: 12:00 A.M.
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet in Every Room
  • In Room Dining Available from 06:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.
  • Free Local Self Parking Available

Cancellation Policy on a regular week
Free cancellation fee, before 3 days of arrival
50% cancellation fee, after 3 days of arrival
100% cancellation fee, for no show

Cancellation Policy on  long weekend and high season
Free cancellation fee before 7 days of arrival
50% cancellation fee, after 7 days of arrival
100% cancellation fee, before 3 days of arrival and no show